FYI, Rory Scovel Has Been Releasing Great Morsels of His Stand-Up Every Week

The second wave of realizing that the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t gone away, which also means the prospect of live-in-person stand-up is getting put on hold for even longer. That also means brand new bits, specials, albums of stand-up are going to take on some new form (done via Zoom or at drive-in) or they’ll be never-before-seen-or-released material from yesteryear.

Rory Scovel has plenty of his past performances, that are always equal parts beautifully ephemeral and sharply crafted, taped and, since quarantine started, began releasing bits every week. Scovel is definitely the sort of comedian whose performances are so unique to themselves, as he’s always so present and takes advantage of the moment and the space, to see excerpts from his sets is like getting an official bootleg collection track by track. If a Scovel bootleg collection were up for sale from Rory, you could definitely count us in for pre-order.

So, go get into Scovel’s weekly stand-up collection here, especially this bit that was done a month before lockdown and that will probably be relevant for quite some time.