Rory Scovel: Live Without Fear, One of Our Favorite Specials in Recent Memory, Will Be on YouTube 6/24

Two years ago, we were fortunate and privileged enough to get a sneak peek at Rory Scovel‘s latest special Rory Scovel: Live Without Fear (and collaboration with director Scott Moran). We were blown away at the lightning-in-a-bottle that was captured through a handful of entirely improvised stand-up sets (there wasn’t even a never-before-seen-topic as there would be with Set List or a mere suggestion from the audience).

Even though we had no idea where else it would screen or how else would people see it, we wrote about it anyway because the fly-on-the-wall look at Scovel’s daredevil-ish stand-up antics was inspiring. In fact, it was moving in a way that we hadn’t really felt in a comedy special, perhaps, ever before. In fact, it made our 100 Best List for 2019 because it was really that damn good and there was still no news as to how or where or when people could go watch Rory Scovel: Live Without Fear.

So, it’s truly thrilling news to know that 800 Pound Gorilla Media is going to release Rory Scovel: Live Without Fear on YouTube come Thurs. Jun. 24th. We’ll hold off on saying anymore for now. Until then, you can a look at an exclusive clip of the comedy docu-special over at Vulture.