Pick of the Day: Improvised Stand-Up with Rory Scovel (in LA) 2/27

There are plenty a comedian that try to do, shall we say, comedy alchemy by, ostensibly, taking nothing and making comedy gold out of it. There’s even a long running improv comedy podcast called Alchemy This that seeks out to attempt this feat.

Rory Scovel has made it a mission of his to completely improvise his stand-up sets and, for our money, we think that he has figured it out. His fearlessness in getting abjectly silly and then masterfully dissecting his own flights of absurdity is truly captivating for an hour. All told, it really feels like magic.

So, all of LA, you shouldn’t miss out on Rory’s latest trek into the comedy unknown at the end of this month at The Elysian. Improvised Stand-Up with Rory Scovel is set for Mon. Feb. 27th at 7PM PT. Tickets are only $12 and you best go get them now here.