Get Just a Little Bit More of a Peek at Season 5 of Rick & Morty with Their Third Traiiler

The arrival of the fifth season of Rick & Morty is oh so close (it’s next month) and, as such, Adult Swim has been giving us all tidbits through multiple trailers over the last month. Each has been pretty jam packed with the misanthropic misadventures of Rick & Morty as well as Summer, Beth, and Jerry.

There’s no telling how self-reflexive or satirical they’ll get this season (how could they get more meta than the Story Train?), but it should be more of the existential, devil-may-care-ish humor that has made it one of TV’s most popular shows. See for yourself in Rick & Morty Season 5 Official Trailer #1, #2, and, as of this weekend, #3.



Then, of course, make a reminder for Sun. Jun. 20th 8PM PT/11PM ET on Adult Swim for the season premiere.