Please Get and Enjoy Rhea Butcher’s Latest Album “Pull Yourself Up By Your Bootleg”

Brand new stand-up that was recorded with a live audience (that’s pre-pandemic) is in short supply it would seem. It almost seems like an alternate universe whenever you do get to hear or see such a thing, especially if it’s a well-crafted, forward thinking.

Luckily, there’s such an hour that arrived last week from Rhea Butcher in Pull Yourself Up By Your Bootleg is their latest record and the latest release from the always stellar AST Records. Though it may take a second to adjust to hearing people clearly laugh while they’re gathered very close in an dark, enclosed place, it is a refreshing reminder of not only how truly wonderful it was to enjoy stand-up in the before times (and we’ll get back to enjoying stand-up like that at some point in the future), but how great Rhea as a stand-up deftly and joyfully dismantling our ideas of gender as a non-binary person. Butcher’s fills the album with carefully examined observations and polished stories that include facets of their non-binary identity intersecting with being a hillbilly and it is, simply put, a hoot.

With all of that in mind, go get or stream Pull Yourself Up By Your Bootleg here.