Rachel Bloom Is Coming Out with a Book “I Want To Be Where The Normal People Are”, This Fall

One of the main reasons for Rachel Bloom‘s comedic brilliance is her knack for being so incredibly vulnerable about her own mental health including her OCD and depression and working it into very fun, elaborate musical numbers and sketches, especially when it came to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend or her OCD Dance.

That spirit is going into her upcoming book, I Want To Be Where The Normal People Are, that’s due out later this year, in November that will represent a whole myriad of cross sections Bloom’s comedic psyche. Supposedly, Rachel is making an entire amusement park map, just for this book that will also feature plenty of personal essays and other works.

For our money, we’ll look forward to thiis book to keep us a little sane while the election approaches.

You can, if you’d like, to pre-order I Want To Be Where The Normal People Are right now, right here.