A24 Has Their Next Fantastical Comedy Lined Up with Julio Torres’ Problemista (Trailer)

For 2022, A24 really pulled off some magic with having Everything Everywhere All at Once winning nearly everything it was nominated for and  Marcel the Shell with Shoes On receiving heaps of critical acclaim and some awards wins as well. The exuberant imagination brimming through both comedies might be the tip of the iceberg with what lies ahead with their comedy slate including Julio Torres‘ already buzzy Problemista.

Just on paper alone, stand-out comedian and former SNL writer Torres made something eye-catching in his filmmaking debut, Problemista, that’s a magical realism/immigration/art world dramedy co-starring one of the greatest actors of our generation, the ethereal Tilda Swinton. Julio has dreamt up a story of an aspiring toy designer from El Salvador attempting to getting the right to work in the United States only to find that to be Sisyphean task guided/impeded by a manic art curator play by Swinton. Woven throughout are fantastical details and consequences such as immigrants vanishing from the face of earth if they don’t get their Green Card in order in an otherwise very grounded universe.

Otherworldly dramedy might just be A24’s forte and we’re on board for it. See all of this and more for yourself in the first official trailer for Problemista here, then look for it in theaters soon.