Pick of the Day: Pitch A Movie: The Show Where Comedians Make Up Movies on the Fly! (in NYC) 6/11

Top Gun: Maverick just broke box office records (and probably will continue to do so) further encouraging studios to not take on anything original or hear fresh pitches. In fact, if you’re wondering how or when you’d see any new releases that are truly original or out of the box at your local movie theater, there’s not a real great answer for that.

With that in mind, DC’s only comedy secret society, The Midnight Gardeners League, has come up with a show where you’ll get to hear such originality as it’ll showcase great comedians pitching jokes off of their material only to be judged by a “renowned film auteur”. This first NYC outing will feature what we’re sure will be blockbuster movie pitches from a grand line-up of Brittany Carney, Mike Hanford, Clare O’Kane, and Dave Ross.

Mark down Sat. Jun. 11th at 8PM ET to be at Brooklyn’s Cobra Club to hear things that should very likely be greenlit rather than be subjected to more mandatory MCU offerings.

Tickets are $10 and you can (and should) get them here.