The PIT’s 10th Annual Indie-Pendence Day Improv Fest Is Another Festival Going Virtual and Is Taking Submissions

For much of the world, festivals are still far off from happening and, as such, many of them are opting to go virtual instead of just postponing until next year. NYC’s The PIT‘s is opting for the virtual option with their annual 10th Annual Indie-Pendence Day Improv Fest, which will be streaming on July 4th (which will be nice especially if you’re worried about folks overdoing their 4th of July gathering).

They’ve partnered with @sociallydistantimprov, & @studentdriverimprov to put the entire online version of this Indie-Pendence Day Improv Fest and, yes, they’re taking submissions and, yes, they’re open to teams from anywhere and everywhere!

The deadline to submit your team will be Sun. Jun. 14th 9AM PT/12PM PT.

Get more details and submit here.