Pick of the Day: Picture This! 5/9

One of the LA comedy scene’s most unique and marvelous shows has been, for quite awhile now actually, the live-animated comedy show, Picture This. For those unfamiliar or those so distanced from what happened in the before times, comedians perform and, in real time, animators would draw/sketch/animate based on their set.

We’re so thankful to hear that Picture This is coming to the comedy live-stream realm and, given the way Zoom is set up, all the comedians will likely have a better eye on the animator (as opposed to standing facing away from the screen where the animation is projected). Also, having another line-up including many of the best animators and illustrators in comedy paired with the comedy stylings of Kate Willett, Paul Danke, Irene Tu gets pretty damn close to putting on the show you would have gotten to see in LA or in several places along the comedy festival circuit.

So, look forward to having quite the Saturday afternoon this weekend with a brand spankin’ new edition of Picture This! Go get your tickets for $10 before they sell out!