Pick of the Day: Writing on the Stall (in NYC) 3/27-4/13

Just as we got to do with Jacqueline Novak‘s lauded Get On Your Knees, we have had the esteemed privilege of seeing Caitlin Cook‘s brilliant conceived and developed musical solo show, Writing on the Stall, completely sourced from years and years collecting/seeing/cataloging images of bathroom graffiti.

Even from seeing bits of it projected on a makeshift screen on the rooftop level of a parking garage, Cook has had managed to beautifully span a hilarious emotional odyssey stitched together through sharpie-d and scratched non-sequiturs that has garnered acclaimed at the big time at Edinburgh Fringe as well as touring all throughout the U.S.

Cook and Writing on the Stall is getting another Off Broadway run that will stretch from Mar. 27th to Apr. 13th, Wednesdays through Saturdays at 9PM at the lovely Soho Playhouse in NYC. Tickets are $46.50 and you really REALLY not miss out on seeing the show if, somehow, you haven’t seen it already.