Pick of the Day: Birds. Bees. Bits (in LA) 4/29

A comedy show that has a line-up of Rebecca Drysdale, Paul Scheer, Rachel Bloom, Mano Agapion, and Ify Nwadiwe, no matter what the concept is, is very much worth your hard earned money to see.

Come Monday, April 29th @ 7:30PM at The Clubhouse, this beyond stellar cast is going to discuss the eternal topic of “the birds and the bees”. Thus far, there is no real further description by Clubhouse founder Rebecca Drysdale as to what this query might entail other than sex experts Dr. Sandra Daugherty and Dr. Christene Lozano will be on hand, ostensibly, to also explore this comedic quest with “87% gay writer Rebecca Drysdale”.

In any case, some brilliant improv and some sexual revelations will be had and that should very much make you want to RSVP for a seat at Clubhousebusinesscenter@gmail.com right now.