Pick of the Day: Ron Lynch’s Tomorrow NYE (in LA) 12/31

Per usual, there are plenty of options for New Year’s Eve if you’re opting to go out. Many of those options are incredibly expensive and, well, let’s just say, you might be better off buying a bottle of champagne and staying home and counting down to midnight yourself.
Thankfully, Ron Lynch, the long standing beloved host of Tomorrow! is coming in with, we think, the best bang for your buck with a special NYE’s edition. Yes, there will be the wide variety that you have come to know and love from Lynch and company, but this specific edition will include Reggie Watts, Laura Kightlinger, Freak Nature Puppets, Sethward, Nick Stargu, The Unkillable Jenny Lynne, Kristen Lundberg, and 3-D Space Film all at the one and only Bob Baker Marionette Theater (featuring, of course, the Bob Baker Marionettes).
Ron Lynch’s Tomorrow NYE is set for Sun. 12/31 at 10PM. All this show will only run you $23, which is truly a steal on NYE (leaving plenty of money for you to spend on overpriced Lyft/Ubers). Go get tix here.