Pick of the Day: Rachel Pegram Taping (in LA) 4/11

If you’re the sort of comedy fan/nerd/aficionado that wishes to catch the not so distant future’s next big stars, you would hopefully be well aware that, by the fact that you’re reading this right now, plenty such opportunities exist in LA and NYC on a nightly basis.

With that in mind, if you’re in and around LA on Thurs. Apr. 11th, you’re definitely going to want to be at Bar Covell, specifically in the side room to catch one Rachel Pegram tape an album live. Pegram is a gem in the LA scene with her a level of affability and charm that makes you feel like you’re a good friend giggling over the best gossip (even though it’s honed material).

Pegram is doing an early and late show, 7PM & 9PM, that Thursday and tickets are only $5. Best go get them before they sell out right here.