Pick of the Day: NYLaughs.Org Presents Laughter at the Lodge (in NYC) in Jan.

Starting this evening, the do-gooders at NYLaughs.org, who tap the rich resources of the NYC comedy scene and bring it to public spaces for the good denizens of the five boroughs are doing their latest event starting tonight until the end of the month.

They’re shacking up at Bryant Park’s lovely Lodge in their Winter Village and putting on three stacked comedy shows featuring the likes of Jordan Carlos, Ophira Eisenberg, Marina Franklin, Caitlin Peluffo, Harrison Greenbaum, Damien Lemon, and way more.

Yes, it’s all free too. Just get to Midtown Manhattan to The Lodge at Bryant Park’s Winter Village by 8PM on Jan. 24th and 31st for two more grand free shows. Keep abreast of all things NY Laughs at @nylaughs on IG.