Pick of the Day: Mystery Comedy Big Game Theater 3000 (in LA) 2/11

So, no matter how you feel about football, this Sunday is a big American Football day that’s also chock full of the most expensive advertising that money can buy all around the globe. It’s almost a weird glitch in the matrix where the world stops for a sport that still only majorly popular in one country.

With that in mind, why listen to the normal, run of the mill commentary you’d get during the Big Game and, instead, enjoy MST3K riffing over the telecast, commercials, half-time show, and all, from LA comedy’s best? Thank goodness that the Lyric Hyperion has got just that this Sunday with a very special event called Mystery Comedy Big Game Theater 3000. That’s right, the likes of comedy luminaries such as Chase Bernstein, Brodie Reed, Hay Beacon, and more will be riffing over the telecast this Sun. Feb. 11th at 3:30PM.

Come through to Lyric Hyperion as it’ll be FREE and, in our opinion, the best way to watch big game. Get more details/tickets here.