Pick of the Day: Microdose 2 Year Anniversary (in LA) 4/10

The ways of the world and how the winds of change violently shove anything and everything out of place, the prospect of anything lasting past a year is a significant feat. One Mike Bridenstine, beloved LA comedian/author (get the Perfect Amount of Wrong now)/podcaster, has not only had his weekly stand-up show Microdose, neatly perched on the hills of Eagle Rock at The Fable, but has worked it into a party of a show kicked off along with the host seemingly made out of pure hosting energy, Danny Ledsinger.

Microdose has grown into quite the contender with Bridenstine’s handpicked line-ups as a weekly stand-up showcase in LA, especially on Wednesday nights when a dearth of the LA comedy scene’s primo indie stand-up shows take place (on top of surviving through the aftermath of COVID lockdown, multiple strikes, historic rain for LA over the last two years). Microdose is crowning their two year anniversary this coming Wednesday at, per usual, 8PM, but with a gargantuan line-up including Rory Scovel, Lizzy Cooperman, Howard Kremer, Curtis Cook, Harper Rose Drummond, Kelcey Ayer, and David Jackson.

Please enjoy Microdose this coming Wednesday for their 2 year celebration (and every Wednesday after). Keep up with line-ups and more @microdosecomedy on IG.