Pick of the Day: Jamie Loftus Presents: Santa University (in LA) 12/21

From the wild depths of Jamie Loftus‘ imagination (an imagination that’s responsible for doing a meta solo show about reimagining losing her virginity in several different versions) comes with her latest radical work, turning the idea of a holiday Christmas show inside out in the best, most absurd way possible.

Called Santa University, Jamie has created a “600 page musical” about an underachieving aspiring Santa trying to cut it at Santa University to be the one true Santa Claus. We have no doubt that this will be hilarious comedy mayhem that even the Grinchiest person could enjoy.

Jamie Loftus Presents: Santa University is set for Thurs. Dec. 21st at 7:30PM at The Elysian. Tickets are $15 and you best get them here.