Pick of the Day: I Married a Monster from Outer Space LIVE! (in LA) 2/14

Comedy and Valentine’s Day is a strange mix, but they can work as bedfellows with some careful consideration.

Case in point, a very special live reading of another midnight movie classic led off by Dana GouldI Married a Monster from Outer Space. This Wednesday, Feb. 14th, Gould will be joined on the hallowed Largo at the Coronet stage by Bobcat Goldthwait, Laraine Newman, Jonah Ray, Janet Varney, and more to celebrate(?) love(?) in the campiest way possible.

No need to worry about any feisty comedians probing into your relationship and, instead, you can just enjoy a sci-fi-horror-(unintentional)-rom-com (that’s a pretty good Valentine’s as far as we’re concerned) as presented by one of the most dedicated preservationists of best/worst movies with Gould.

Go get your tickets now at $46 a pop here.