Pick of the Day: I Cast Them Off Craigslist (Presented by Blake Rosier) (in LA) 2/16

Though it may seem unlikely, experimental comedian Blake Rosier somehow manages to find a way to outdo himself/up the ante. Over four shows, he has embarked into the great unknown by co-hosting a show with a complete stranger that has little to no performance experience, sourced from Craigslist, that is devised within an afternoon and put up in front of a live, paying audience that very same night. Rosier has gone so meta with it by making accompanying documentaries that capture the delightful strangeness of it all.

Rosier is now bringing this grand comedy/performance experiment to its peak by reuniting with all four Craiglist strangers-turned-Rosier-collaborators on to one show for what should be the absurd, yet most enthralling reunion you see all year (any and all reality TV reunions included). This very special conclusion to I Cast Them Off Craigslist is set for Fri. Feb. 16th at 9PM and tix are only $12. Please go get them here before they sell out.