Pick of the Day: Heavy Manners New Chair Fundraiser (in LA) 4/18

Truly one of LA’s hidden gems, Heavy Manners Library, has gotten themselves a mighty fine upgrade in space taking over what used to be the Echo Park Film Center. They’ll be able to put on more grand events like Comics O’Clock with an extra 1000 square feet of room to do so.

It would sure be nice if they had some snazzy new chairs to go with the new expansion and, as you might know, especially if you run your own venue, show, or small business, that ain’t cheap.

Thus, Heavy Manners Library is doing a very special benefit to get fancy new chairs for the rows and rows of audiences that will be coming through their doors on Thurs. Apr. 18th. The benefit show will feature many LA comedy faves including Mitra Jouhari, Jamie Loftus, Rachel Pegram, Kyle Mizono, Rachel Kaly, and Kel Cripe. Tickets are only $15 and you can (and should) go get them here.