Pick of the Day: Good Heroin NYC 4/11

Looks like NYC is going to get some Good Heroin!

Good Heroin has been one of LA’s longest running weekly shows, a haven for indie comedy nestled in the back patio of the charming Stories Books & Cafe in Echo Park every Saturday night. Dave Ross and Matt Ingebretson founded the show years and years ago and gathered quite the following for one hell of a weekly stand-up show. Matt moved on to write and produce amazing, critically acclaimed TV (Corporate and This Fool) and Dave moved to NYC and the show in LA is under the more than capable hosting hands of Lindsay Adams and Rob Haze same place, every Saturday at 7PM.

As Dave has rooted himself in NYC over the last few years, he’s aiming to give NYC it’s very own Good Heroin that will be at an equally charming and kitschy venue, an instrument store called Main Drag Music in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Per usual, Dave is going to have wondrous co-hosts in Julian McCullough and Natalie Norman as well as very, VERY, VERY stacked inaugural line-up including:

Sydnee Washington @justsydbw (Don’t Tell Comedy, Comedy Central’s Up Next)
Dan Soder @dansoder (The Standups on Netflix’s)
Rosebud Baker @rosebudbaker (Netflix’s, SNL)
Andy Haynes @imandyhaynes (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Conan, Comedy Central’s Roast Battle)
Courtney Maginnis @courtneymaginnis (Comedy Central, College Humor)
Petey DeAbreu @pdeezjokes (Comedy Central’s ClusterFest)

This very first Good Heroin NYC is set for Thurs. Apr. 4th at 8PM. Tickets are $17.85 and you better snag them up quick before they inevitably sell out right here. Also, do yourself a favor and keep up with @goodheroinnyc on IG.