Pick of the Day: Final Sounds Great (in NYC) 6/27

When greeted with the centuries old maxim “All good things must come to an end,” it’s a pretty fun response to shoot back, “SOUNDS GREAT!”

Therein lies the perfect intersection of circumstances as Nora Jeffries and Paige Smith-Hogan’s Sounds Great stand-up comedy show at Our Wicked Lady in BK is coming to a conclusion this very week, specifically on Thursday, June 27th at 7:30PM. As it’s the swan song show, the line-up is stacked upon several stacks of beloved NYC comedic minds and will be likely one of those affairs that you’re going to want to pay your respects, stay the whole time, and have a damn great night saying goodbye to a long running NYC comedy show.

On the bill thus far is:

Andy Ward
Anne Stesney
Ash Diggs
Ben Kim
Christian Mangual
Clara Olshanksy
Colby Smith
Justin Catchens
Karli Marulli
Mariah Oxley
Matt Albino
Melody Kamali
Meredith Dietz
Noah Rocklin
Nolawee Mengist
Rayne McGowan
Schulyer Robinson
Sean Zorn
Tim Kov

and, of course, Paige Smith-Hogan and Nora Jefferies!

Per usual, it’s free and you might want to clear out your Thursday night.