Pick of the Day: Eddie Pepitone (Virtually Headlining)

Eddie Pepitone’s latest special For The Masses is, for our money, still one of the very best hours of comedy this year. It’s a testament to trying to catch him whenever you can, no matter when, where, or which virtual platform he’s using.

Eddie has been continuing his Live From the Bunker series on IG Live, but the chance to see him headline is rather rare and, again, should not be missed whenever it comes around.

Luckily, you’ll get a chance to see Eddie virtually headline in what will be an international comedy stand-up show. The Comedy Club & BeComedy UK and All Things Comedy are all collaborating to bring an exclusive evening/afternoon of Pepitone with Stella Graham and Luca Capani featuring all across the pond.

This performance is set for Sun. Sept. 6th at 1PM PT/4PM ET/9PM BST and tickets are €11.50. You best get them here real quick.