Pick of the Day: Dave Ross Tapes His First F*cking Special (in NYC) 6/22

It’s no secret that The Gutter has quickly become a hot spot for stand-up in not only Brooklyn, but NYC as a whole and that a lot of quality specials are being produced under that CYSKNYC banner.

The latest such taping will be none other than the debut special of one Dave Ross, formerly beloved LA comedy stalwart now transplanted and really in his groove in the NYC scene. It has been years since Dave’s very first recorded hour, the wonderfully named, The Only Man Who Has Ever Had Sex, and we can’t wait to see Dave’s signature voice and effortless and hilarious shifts between sarcasm and sincerity in a full fledged comedy special.

For those in NYC, get tickets for one of the two tapings on Sat. Jun. 22nd at 8PM or 10:30PM (they’re only $10) and be part of what should be hell of a great night of stand-up comedy.