Pick of the Day: Clean Eats (in LA) 12/29

If you’ve bore witness to clowning in LA over the last several years, you might have seen some of the most hysterical absurd performances that hinged on a celebrating the human experience (often via embracing failure in the face of the impossible). Also, if you’ve seen that, you’ve probably seen your fair share of nudity, things being stuck in several different holes, and other not so G, PG, or PG-13 rated things.

So, for one night, we are (yes, our very own Jake Kroeger is involved in devising this) challenging some of these oft-raunchy LA clowns to be innocent and not resort to ditching clothing or their “normal” and very funny graphic acts (and still funny for adults like Pixar does). Thanks to the clowning expertise of Natasha Mercado, she’ll live direct and make sure everything is family friendly, but not in the cheesy, corny, stereotypical “family friendly” way.

This Friday isn’t a school night, so take the whole family out (or see if they’ll be able to not go blue) for a clowning journey unlike any other aat 9:30PM at Lyric Hyperion, especially since it’ll be G-rated as all H-E-Double-Hockeysticks. Tickets are $15 right now and you best go get them here.