Pick of the Day: CHEAT (in LA) 3/3

While comedy certainly does have the power to demystify the things that we don’t necessarily want to talk about or deem unsavory and being vulnerable is certainly part and parcel to that, how vulnerable is any single comedian willing to get to shine a comedic light on what’s so often kept in the dark?

Well, one Chloe Radcliffe, in one of the most radical acts of honesty we’ve seen in a comedic performance, has put together a beautiful, heart-wrenching, and hilarious solo show about how she has cheated in almost every relationship she has ever been. It’s the rare piece of comedy (and, if we’re to really mull it over, art) that shows humanity in its entire spectrum, transgressions to transcendence and everything in between and a wondrous journey to show that people are more than they often great/awful things they do. Simply called CHEAT, it’s undoubtedly one of the best solo shows/hours we’ve seen in recent memory and you should definitely go watch it ASAP wherever it’s playing.

For Angelenos, you’ll have another chance come Sun. Mar. 3rd at 7PM at The Elysian. Tickets are $20 and you can (and should) go get them here right now.