Pick of the Day: Aaron & Josh Do Improv (Feat. Jeff Hiller) (in NYC) 12/21

One of the statement movies of this Summer, Dicks: The Musical, (sure, Barbenheimer did it’s thing, but did it have The Sewer Boys), sprouted from the beautifully demented minds of co-stars and co-writers Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp. Nothing really comes close to the experience of A24’s first fledged musical, that also happens to be a very R-rated comedy, which is why the prospect of seeing Jackson and Sharp doing improv shouldn’t be missed whatsoever.

Jackson, Sharp, and Somebody Somewhere‘s Jeff Hiller are all doing improv together at Brooklyn’s Bell House, a brief return to humble beginnings after having bright shining moments throughout the last couple years. It should be some unforgettably hysterical chaos. This special evening is set for Thurs. Dec. 21st at 10PM and tickets are $12.94 and you best get them here before they sell out.