Pick of the Day: 50 Worst Jokes (in LA) 12/28

As the days fade away towards the end of 2023, year-end/best of lists are coming out aplenty. There is plenty to be celebrated with the very best in comedy of this year (Barbie might be the purest comedy to win a Best Picture Oscar in decades?). With that said, what about the worst?

Well, more accurately here, what are the worst jokes of some of the funniest folks in the LA comedy scene (the worst jokes of the year live in the comments of any social media platform)? That’s right, Babs Gray (Lady to Lady) is returning, along with co-host Brodie Reed, to have an absurdly fun, ridiculous evening of certified funny people doing what has proven to be their worst joke of the year (and you best bet that any attempt at an actual good joke will be met with boos). We’d argue that it’s almost more wild and unforgettable than the diametrically opposed 50 First Jokes that happens all over the country.

50 Worst Jokes will go down on Thurs. Dec. 28th at 7;30PM at Lyric Hyperion, complete with dance party afterwards. You can get all this show (and a chance to boogie at LH’s gorgeous theatre) for just $10 right here.