Phantom of the Open, a Biopic of a Real Golfer More Ridiculous Than Happy Gilmore, Gets Picked Up at Sony Pictures Classics

(via The Wrap)

In the 70s, there was a man named Maurice Flitcroft who dreamed of being the best golfer he could be. Unfortunately, due to his circumstances and timing, he had a lot going against him, especially since he set his targets on playing in the British Open.

This story actually made for one of the best episodes of one of our favorite podcasts, The Dollop, that also takes the name of Flitcroft’s apt moniker, Phantom of the Open. Truly, the real life story of Maurice sneaking his way into professional golf tournaments is, as we said up top, more incredulous than the golf antics of Adam Sandler classic, Happy Gilmore, and had made him a legend.

The esteemed Mark Rylance took on the titular role and Phantom of the Open just got picked up for distribution by Sony Pictures Classics meaning that those in North American will get to witness one of the more astounding sports stories of our time at a date TBD. Seriously, listen to this ep. of The Dollop and you’ll be pretty hyped to see Flitcroft on the big screen.