Pick of the Day: Paul Scheer & Rob Huebel Present CRASH TEST (in LA) 7/24

Show by show, much of the best of LA comedy is coming back. One such thing that has set a date for its return is the anything-goes, wild ride that is Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel’s Crash Test. For years, Scheer and Huebel would take over UCB Franklin late on a weeknight to do literally anything that came to mind whether it be playing a rather aggro version of musical chairs, scrapping whole bits to talk to a justifiably fired personal assistant, or go through a “new” version of the Crash Test pledge. Also, they would fit in some stand-up from LA’s best in between whatever they chose to do.

Now, they’re coming back for their first show for 2021 and since lockdown started at Largo at the Coronet Theatre. They’ve set the date for Sat. Jul. 24th at 8:30PM PT. Tickets are $35 (plus $11 service fee). Best go get them here before they sell out.