Pick of the Day: Varietopia with Paul F. Tompkins (in LA) 3/6

Paul F. Tompkins‘ shows, wherever they may be and whatever wonderfully semi-improvised format he’s doing, have always been hot tickets here in LA and his first 2022 show on Sun. Mar. 6th is no exception. Paul originally had an in-person Varietopia lined-up for this Sunday at the Highland Park’s lovely Lodge Room, but, as with most every other comedy show right now, it has gotten postponed to the aforementioned 3/6 date.

As the race begins to reschedule all the shows and happenings that were lined-up for Jan. 2022, the race to snag up tickets for them has also started and, in some cases, gone at a full tilt sprint.

The late show is already sold out, but there are tickets for the early 5:30PM PT show. It’s a Sunday, so hopefully it won’t be too hard for you to swing a show happening around then, but trust that the everlasting hilariousness of Tompkins is worth it. Tickets are $20 and we hope it’s not sold out before you try to buy some right here.