Pick of the Day: Paul F. Tompkins @ The Bell House (in NYC) 11/12 & 11/13

One of our greatest joys, pre-lockdown, was going to watch Paul F. Tompkins do, well, anything. Whether it be improv, podcasts, both at the same time, or another thing entirely, we would very much try to clear our schedule to catch Tompkins take the stage whatever the situation may be. The brilliance of his irreverence is without compare (even going all the way back to his early album, Impersonal).

So, in regards to catching Paul F. Tompkins’ first post-lockdown performances, there is a date for Paul’s recurring modern variety show Varietopia at the Lodge Room in Highland Park on Sept. 20th, but that is, unsurprisingly, already sold out.

Don’t worry Angelenos. PFT has another date for us on Oct. 23rd. More details TBA.

For NYC, there will be both a Varietopia and a SPONTOURCO (Paul’s interview transformed into improv with Tawny Newsome, Eugene Cordero, and Janet Varney show) at The Bell House in Brooklyn in November.

Specifically, SPONTOURCO will have an early and late show, 7:30PM ET & 10PM ET, on Fri. Nov. 12th and Varietopia will go up Sat. Nov 13th also at 7:30PM ET & 10PM ET (FYI, the early show is sold out).

Get more details and please, please, please get tickets before they sell out, which will very likely happen very soon.