Patton Oswalt’s Latest Special “I Love Everything” Due Out May 19th on Netflix

(via Variety)

Over the last several specials that Patton Oswalt has released, Patton has always served up a very handily crafted, great hour of stand-up. He has managed, with the exquisite sincerity that he injects into his comedy, to make the arrival of his hours a moment to both laugh heartily and gain perspective on the human condition whether he’s talking about strangely named roses or the passing of his late wife, Michelle McNamara. From Finest Hour to Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time to Talking for Clapping to Annihilation, Patton really displays the healing power of comedy both for himself and to those listening and watching intently.

Essentially, it’s always a good time when Patton’s latest hour is about to be released, which is called, “I Love Everything” and is coming next month on Sun. May 19th to Netflix.