Please Enjoy Patti Harrison’s Very First (and Bewitching) Panel Appearance on Late Night

Patti Harrison has frankly deserved more air time on late night to do whatever she wants for quite some time. That said, she has gotten to be a correspondent on The Tonight Show a few times and her visibility keeps rising with being included in plenty of showcases and booking movie and TV roles including her co-starring role with Ed Helms in the upcoming Together Together.

Still, she hasn’t done late night by sitting on the couch for a proper late night interview where she could add her oh so subtle, yet very sharp and deliciously dark sense of humor to a traditional back-and-forth with slickly suited talk show host.

Harrison proved our notion last night in her very first full panel interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, done in promotion of Together Together, by beautifully explaining how she got kicked off Twitter, apologizing to bisexual people and their specific preference in cookies, and her ongoing thing with Trump.

Please enjoy Patti’s full interview here and watch her in more things so she will end up in more things.