There Will Be a Park and Recreation Reunion for Charity at NBC to See What Leslie Knope Would Do About COVID-19

(via Deadline)

Perhaps stemming from this lovely compilation at Vulture of what your favorite TV characters would do to deal with the global pandemic that we’re all actually dealing with right now, Mike Schur and the Parks and Recreation writers are going several steps further by not only imagining how the beloved members of Parks and Recreation would team up to do their part in the fight against COVID-19, but actually assembling the cast to do a very, very, very special episode that will actually air on NBC (as opposed to Zoom or Twitch).

It’ll be a 30 minute special, but even that amount of such an upbeat, life-affirming comedy series as Parks and Recreation is something plenty of folks are clamoring for. The leadership of someone like Leslie Knope, even though fictional, ought to inspire hope where real life leaders have fallen quite short of the mark.

All the principal cast will return for this pandemic Parks and Recreation special set to air on Thurs. Apr. 30th at 8:30PM ET/PT and money will be raised Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund (NBC Universal and corporate partners will be matching donations over several hundreds of thousands of dollars).