Pick of the Day: Pack Theater Reopening (w/TCB Presents) (in LA) 3/5

The Pack Theater, one of LA’s most innovative and boundary pushing comedy theaters, has survived the pandemic, seemingly, more than a few times. Right at the outset, they had a big fundraiser that raised enough money to cover their rent for several months, though we truly didn’t have any idea how long the pandemic would last (especially as it’s still not completely over two years later). In that time, they built one of the most robust offerings of virtual comedy from any venue almost anywhere in the world. All of that has kept them alive enough (even having to temporarily give up their original space in The Complex) through all the variants.

This Saturday, March 5th, The Pack Theater will be finally opening its doors for in-person shows and as a matter of it being a grand reopening, they’re going to have a grand evening curated from every corner of comedy (including with a bit of an assist from us here at TCB.

Right now, the Pack Theater Reopening has a line-up of:

7PM PT-improv from Heather & Miles (one of the all time, best improv duos)
8PM PT-sketch from Joan Ford & Cait Raft (one of the most fun sketch duos in LA)
9PM PT-The Comedy Bureau (that’s us) Presents (w/Girl God, Atsuko Okatsuka, Zavior Phillips, Nori Reed, Percy Rustomji, Malcolm Barrett, Madison Shepard, and host Ayla Glass

Just come around this Saturday, Mar. 5th to 6476 Santa Monica Blvd. to celebrate another comedy institution making it to this side of the pandemic. Get tickets for the evening’s festivities here.