OK, So We’re Going to List Some Outdoor Stuff Now (So Long As It’s Safe)

Throughout the last year and two months, we’ve done our best to make sure to both not further the transmission of COVID-19 and stay on the ball of live comedy that was happening, almost all of which has been virtual. For many, including us, it has been a frustrating time to figure out comedy like it has never been figured out before.

Since the vaccination rollout is continuing to move forward, we will, you’ll be happy to know, start listing some outdoor shows/mics as we once did.

That said, we will still be taking the safety regarding the pandemic (which isn’t over) into consideration when curating in person shows/mics in addition to our normal curated taste.

When sent in-person events, we will be thinking about any or all of the following:

-Is it outdoors?
-Are you checking for vaccination cards/negative COVID-19 test that’s less than 48 hours old?*
-How will be people be socially distanced?
-Will there be signage for distancing/precautions?
-Are there measures for contract tracing?
-Are you ticketing this event (even if it’s free) or doing advanced sign-up/sign-up ahead of time if it’s an open mic?
-If running an open mic, do you have have slot/performer limit? If so, what is it?
-What are plans for entrances and exits, both for audiences and performers?
-Will face coverings/masks be required or encouraged (especially if there’s food or drink available/being sold)?
-What will the protocol be for using mics/mic stands/etc. for performers?
-What is the “green room” situation for performers/staff?
-Will there be a COVID officer/point person checking in on social distancing and masks?
-Is there clear language about accountability in regards to something like getting infected with a virus?
-Are performers being compensated (especially if it’s a ticketed show)?

*NOTE: temperature checks do not account for asymptomatic carriers of the virus

Feel free to e-mail us here or tag us @thecomedybureau on socials for listing consideration at The Comedy Bureau.

Note, at this time, doing shows indoors still seems a little rushed to us and we’ll be holding off a little while longer. Please, for the benefit of us all (whether you want live comedy to come back to its dark, cramped quarters), stay safe and healthy and get vaccinated if you haven’t done so already.