Pick of the Day: Outdoor Comedy Night 10/17

A line-up of Adam Conover, Ali Macofsky, Blair Socci, Caleb Hearon, Laci Mosley, and Steve Hernandez is so solid that they would be worth seeing in almost any setup.

Fortunately, we’re not just hipping you to another show on Zoom. This will be one of those, in times like these, one of those live, in person, outdoor shows that you might have started to hear about.

So, you just might want to catch them, live and in-person (socially distant and, again, outside, of course) this weekend at a just outside of a studio stage. To hammer the point home about being outside, it’s called Outdoor Comedy Night @ Sibling Studio in Atwater Village and they will have an early and a late show, 7:30PM & 9:30PM, for $28 a pop.

You can and should go get your tickets here and here respectively.