Pick of the Day: One Liner Madness (in NYC) 3/31

These days, it would seem the art of the one-liner jokes has, largely, been relegated to telling “dad jokes” ironically or torturing your friends with schmaltzy wordplay that might just be “so bad, it’s good”. That said, there are true artisans of comedy that take pride in their skill in which they can twist syntax and diction into a streamlined, fat free one-liner joke.

BackFat Variety is going to find who the best of the best of these artisanal comedians are with their One Liner Madness at the very end of March. 64 comedians, a la another more famous March Madness, will go head-to-head in a bracketed, single elimination competition to see which of NYC’s finest has the very best one-liner jokes at their disposal.

Don’t miss out on this very special tourney on Thurs. Mar. 31st at 8PM ET at The Bell House in Brooklyn. Tickets are $10 right now. Go get ’em here.