Pick of the Day: The Ocean Show (in LA) 6/6

Without a doubt, The Ocean Show has the most gorgeous back drop of any live comedy show with the sunset glistening cinematically off of the Pacific Ocean. Also, it’s a very outdoors stand-up show that literally happens on the sands of Malibu’s heavenly Will Rogers State Beach.

There’s so much room to distance and keep to yourself/your bubble while enjoying many of LA’s finest. One of our favorite moments in comedy of all last year actually came at this show when Moses Storm frolicked in the ocean in a suit only to attempt to finish his set while soaking and freezing.

This edition of The Ocean Show is set for this Sun. Jun. 6th with a line-up that includes the Blair Socci, Zainab Johnson, Jeremiah Watkins, and DJ Demers.

“Doors” at 6PM PT and the show at 6:30PM PT and tickets are $20. Please go get them here and make this very worthy trek to the beach.