Pick of the Day: Normalize Everything 1/30

Some people felt a modicum of relief yesterday as Biden got sworn in as POTUS, but the wounds and scars we’ve endured (and are going to very likely going to continue to endure) need to heal (especially in regards to mental health).

Thus, a comedy live-stream on mental health, specifically great comedians sharing their lives that they’ve lead with parents with mental illness might be something pretty perfect for right now. Atsuko Okatsuka is hosting yet another Normalize Everything that is exactly that, thanks to mental health org Painted Brain.

This round will feature another grand line-up that includes Byron Bowers, Jibz Cameron, Valerie Tosi, Sadia Azmat, and Katy French.

Normalize Everything is set to stream on Sat. Jan. 30th at 7PM PT/10PM ET. All you have to do is RSVP for live-stream access and you can (and should) do that right here.