Norm MacDonald Shot One Last Special in His Living Room Before He Passed Away

(via THR)

When you think of a comedy special shot in someone’s living room, you might think that it’s some up and comer who is taking whatever resources that are available to them and making a scrappy hour special despite not having the support of production company, network, streaming service, etc. That said, history will look back at living room comedy specials and note that Maria Bamford and Norm MacDonald, two of comedy’s favorite legends, will have done an hour of stand-up in the pretty much the most intimate space possible.

The late great Norm MacDonald sensed the end coming in his declining health amidst getting his next Netflix hour ready. He then opted to at least get it on tape and shot the hour in his home. From all accounts thus far, it’s in line with Norm’s legacy of being one of the very best to ever do stand-up. Certainly, there has almost never been (to the best of our knowledge) a pre-meditated special made for a posthumous release. It’s just one of many singular distinctions that set Norm apart from everyone else in the history of comedy.

Called Nothing Special, it’ll drop on Netflix exclusively on May 30th, so you won’t have to wait very long to both pay your respects and hear from Norm from beyond the grave.