Nikki Glaser Is Going to Become One of the First Comedians to Have a Reality Series About Her Life with “Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?”

(via Deadline)

For all the bits about reality television that comedians have done over the years, rare is the chance that comedians themselves have actually gotten the experience of being in on anything like the Real Housewives or Vanderpump Rules. Yes, there has been Last Comic Standing, which, in its first few seasons, had all the finalist comedians living in a house together and deal with one another Big Brother style and Nikki herself was the spicy host of HBO Max’s FBoy Island. Nothing else categorized as a reality series for the lives of comedians has been done as of yet.

That’s all going to change with Nikki Glaser.

Nikki Glaser, someone who has risen from the ranks of Last Comic Standing to a pre-eminent roaster and a very funny national touring headliner, is going to get a reality show solely focused on her life. Specifically, Welcome Home Nikki Glaser will follow Nikki moving back, a move that happened during the pandemic, to St. Louis, where she grew up. Glaser’s leaving Hollywood for her hometown is almost like a sitcom unto itself, but Glaser is breaking new ground by having it be a full on reality TV show rather than a run of the mill multi-cam sitcom.

What that will look like, how much will Glaser be doing bits as a part of the reality TV artifice, and how much of this will be a comedy versus a reality TV show like Keeping Up with the Kardashians has yet to be revealed for the upcoming E! series. Still, Glaser is going where, pretty much, only Kevin Hart has gone (with his “tell-all” docu-series Don’t F*ck This Up) at this point in comedy history.

Look for Welcome Home Nikki Glaser on May 1st on E! In the meantime, watch Nikki tell you all about the show herself here while roasting E./E!.