Nicole Byer to Host 2020 Creative Arts Emmys Over 5 Nights

The world would be a better place if Nicole Byer was hosting a lot of it.

Thankfully, that is happening. Already, she has a veritable empire of podcasts that she hosts/has hosted and she is rightfully earned an Emmy nomination for hosting Nailed It! on Netflix.

Now, she is being tapped to host The Creative Arts Emmys (i.e. the Emmys ceremony for the dozens of technical and niche categories you don’t ever get to see on TV), which is opting for a virtual experience to be streamed on over 5 nights. Since it’s streaming online, we can only hope that Byer’s let loose to do she wants and crack whatever joke, especially if it’s particularly blue, throughout her hosting run. Hopefully, this will lead to countless other awards hosting gigs for Nicole since, as stated above, the world would be a better place for it.

Catch Nicole Byer hosting The Creative Arts Emmys starting Mon. Sept. 14th-Sat. Sept. 19th at