Pick of the Day: Newcomers (at the Bell House) 2/16 (in NYC)

The Bell House is doing another round of welcoming its latest cadre of great NYC comedians that you can see do their debut set at the hallowed Brooklyn stage. This handpicked baker’s dozen and then some are some of the best, undiscovered treats in the bustling NYC comedy scene.

Included on this edition of Newcomers will be:

Justin Covington

Ben Katzner

Luisa Lange

Blair Dawson

Adam Mamawala

Nico Carney

Haley Hepworth

Eric Feurer

Loie Plautz

Lili Michelle

Juan Nicolon

Kyle Gordon

Catherine Shannon

Zubi Ahmed

Maddie Wiener

Welcome the Newcomers in person (w/proof of vaccination) on Wed. Feb. 16th at 8PM ET. Tickets are only $10 and you can (and should) go get them here.