Netflix Is a Joke Festival Is Happening in 2022

One of the first major comedy festivals to get taken away by COVID-19 was what was supposed to be LA’s next big comedy festival, Netflix Is a Joke Festival. They had all sorts of big time headliners and plenty of their handpicked talent lined up for dozens and dozens of shows set for spring 2020.

Of course, that didn’t happen and seemingly, we were unsure of the fate of the festival when it the whole thing was scrapped as lockdown took hold in America.

Now, Netflix is aiming for Apr. 29th-May 8th of 2022, ostensibly just over two years from the original date for the actual, inaugural Netflix Is a Joke Festival. No line-up is announced as of yet, but trust that with several months time and it being Netflix footing the bill, it’s will very likely big and, by then, you might not even need a mask to watch a comedy show indoors.

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