Please Enjoy This Socially Distanced Produced Bit About Going to Trader Joe’s by Naomi Ekperigin

When it comes to stand-up comedy, the majority of stages are still empty, microphones untouched, and audiences still (hopefully) safely at home during this pandemic. Thankfully, good folks like director Scott Moran have been doing safely, socially distanced bits of comedy that, as with all of his work, have such a distinct, poignant look.

This latest safely produced bit of stand-up comes from Naomi Ekperigin (our guest on TCB Field Report this week) while sitting on the steps at the back of her house to go off on this splendid rant about what her experience going to Trader Joe’s in these times of quarantine is like.

Please enjoy it (and be more mindful and considerate at Trader Joe’s or any store that you’re going to these days) here.