Myq Kaplan, Yet Again, Makes His Best Album Yet “A.K.A.”

The artistic evolution of Myq Kaplan is particularly fascinating to us as Myq has steadily grown and become a deeper, more evolved, conscientious, and even more clever comedian and yet, still maintained his core of playfulness and almost unrivaled ability with wordplay. You can see this throughout all of the albums, specials, and live performances that we’ve personally been in attendance for.

A.K.A. is the latest milestone along Myq’s path and, for our money, his most personal album yet with diving even deeper into his personal life, view on mortality, spiritual realizations, and journey with ayahuasca ceremonies. Though such subject matter might seem like all weighty topics, Kaplan’s bouncy energy, not unlike a pinball speeding around bumpers for pun and callback bonuses, is still very, very much present through every bit and story. In fact, there’s an air of effortlessness to Myq’s delivery of what has to be incredibly honed bits making Kaplan’s exploration of more heady topics pretty damn funny.

A.K.A. is available from Blonde Medicine on May 8th, but you can (and very much should) pre-order it now.