My Favorite Murder to Release Episodes a Week Early Exclusively on Amazon

(via THR)

Spotify isn’t the only media giant interested in hoarding podcast content to themselves. Amazon (specifically Amazon Music and Wondery) is now getting into the podcast game with cutting a deal with Exactly Right Media, the network launches solely on the back of My Favorite Murder, to have episodes release a week early before their available on all the usual podcast platforms.

The overlords at Amazon represent a much bigger media conglomerate than Spotify or iHeart or any other network that takes on exclusive audio content (not to mention that Amazon owns Audible) making this is a significant move for My Favorite Murder, but the world of podcasting in general. Amazon isn’t buying Exactly Right Media (though we’re sure they could afford it), but partnering with Karen and Georgia and their true crime comedy podcast juggernaut to be the first place where die hard Murderinos will first listen to the podcast and take advantage of a lucrative window to sell ads.

Keep in mind that My Favorite Murder started off very humbly based off of a conversation that Karen and Georgia had at a party about true crime without any idea that it would grow into the massive community and network that it is now. Turns out that almost every major entertainment outlet had overlooked a comedic take on true crime from the perspective of women that are pretty much your close friends.

We’ll be curious to see where the MFM empire goes in 2022 as it’s already off to a pretty hot/SSDGM start.